This is Lane Wilkinson, he also likes Architecture and designing houses.

Lane took a more roundabout path to his vocation. Originally wanting to major in graphic arts, his father told him to always have something to fall back on. Knowing that architecture is a more rewarding and consistent path...

Our History

"Like father, like son," though convergent paths are rarely straight.  Scott graduated from Northern Arizona University and began the business some 30-odd years ago.  Along comes Lane, graduating too from NAU, with studies in graphic design and architectural design.  Scott recognized both Lane's talent and computer skills as a welcome addition to his company and custom architectural design career.  It was fate that brought a father son design business together, and today we have them collaborating on every line of design. The philosophies that define our firm, SW Fine Line Design will ultimately drive our creativity:

  • Forever doing right by the location, materials, and the client
  • Never forget why you're living in the design
  • No matter how it will be done, always leave your signature

And nature is fully manifest in Arizona.  Our greatest compliment and satisfaction arise from the compatible blend between a customer's wishes and the landscape.  Our commitment and love for design within architecture can be recognized in homes around flagstaff and other cities and states in the country.

To our great satisfaction, our commitment to creating pleasing and functional architecture is becoming more evident in the growing number of homes of our design in the Flagstaff area.  Before designing, we meet with the client to discover their wishes, and visit the site to envision how best those wishes meet with the ground.

"A building should appear to grow easily from its site and be shaped to harmonize with its surroundings if Nature is manifest there."  

                                                                                            Frank Lloyd Wright

This is Scott Wilkinson, Architectural Designer.

Scott's path to becoming an architect was as non-direct as they come. He started in school pursuing lots of different paths and settled with a fine arts degree. After school he pursued a future in business but continued to be creative...