The Creative Architectural Process

Every piece of land is different. Every dwelling has a unique reason for existing.  As humans we strive for better living circumstances. Architecture and Architectural design is the future of our living.

Building sites are as unique as the reasons for placing a building on that site.  As we philosophically embrace "form follows function", a thorough look at various forms is crucial in satisfactorily housing its intended function.

  • Start with a project wish list
  • Create a mind map using space and function
  • Use the mind map to arrive at the 3-5 top project objectives
  • Use the top 3-5 project objectives to brainstorm project goals in a non-judgmental environment
  • Put project objectives and goal aside for 2-4 weeks to let them assay
  • Rigorously review goals and objectives to assign a priority ranking
  • Create project plan based on goals and objectives that includes milestones and contingencies

Using Graphic design as a technique to achieve creative legibility is beneficial in the  architectural design processes. Architectural design can be of the most  pleasing art visually. The desire to be an artist and a proficient  architectural designer is great for the growth of SW Fine Line Design. Lane continues to offer graphic design and logo design for new companies and existing companies. Some Businesses  just need an upgrade to their business identity.  "A Logo face lift" is sometimes in the best interest for the companies growth potential.  Visit his website to see some of his graphic work @

Other Products


Thinking about a color rendering of your future custom home?

In creating one-of-a-kind renderings, we enjoy the opportunity to show clients an artistic view of their future home.  Whether in full color or modern black-and-white, the result enables the prospective client a preview of how the finished product could very well look.